IWK Eco Park

Pantai Dalam

A Sports & Recreational Park


About Eco Park

IWK Eco Park @ Pantai Dalam is a sports and recreational park that combines both landscape and engineering, with all sorts of facilities and splashes of lush greeneries built on top of the largest and most modern plant in this region, Indah Water Konsortium’s Pantai 2 Regional Sewage Treatment plant.


Located approximatively 10 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur city center and spanning an area of 12 hectares, IWK Eco Park @ Pantai Dalam offers plenty of space for all sorts of outdoor and indoor fun.


Operation Time

Open daily from 7:00am – 12 midnight including public holidays*

*The management reserves the right at any time to close any part of/ entire park without prior notice, if required.



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List of Offerings

IWK Eco Park @ Pantai Dalam houses a community hall for all sorts of celebrations, ceremonies or corporate events. A jogging track, playground, sports courts, functions rooms and park surrounds the space making it a suitable choice for individuals, families, professionals and corporations to host both indoor and outdoor activities.  

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IWK Eco Park @ Pantai Dalam is the perfect location for visitors of all ages to engage in any sporting, recreational and corporate activities!

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Important Notice

Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) Sdn Bhd is NOT responsible for any nuisance, injury, accident, death or theft involving the physical and personal belonging/s of visitors.


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Khazanah Rimba

Urban Forest at the Heart of IWK Eco Park @ Pantai Dalam

IWK Eco Park @ Pantai Dalam is also home to an urban forest called “Khazanah Rimba”, a project to create a greener environment for community members living around the park.

Working together with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), IWK intends to reinvigorate the surrounding greens, by increasing the green cover of the park and expand its very own urban forest. The aim is to give shelter to urban fauna species and to transform the park into a community and educational park.

This will be a heritage for our future generation.


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